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The Birmingham Publicity Association supports the media and creative industries in the region, while raising money for key charities that its members wish to support.

10 things you didn't know about NABS


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10 things you didn't know about NABS

Helen Williams

The BPA has worked alongside NABS for a number of years. However, we know not all of our members know what NABS is about or even realise they are there to help, so we’ve asked Regional Director, Kate Harris to give us her top ten facts about the organisation and what they do:

I’m so proud to be involved with NABS, the support organisation for the advertising and media industry. NABS is the place for wellbeing in our industry. Each year we help thousands of people to thrive, whether they’re calling our Advice Line or attending one of our Masterclasses.

 Lots of people have been asking me about NABS at the moment and it’s amazing to have so much interest. Get to know us a bit better by reading my list of ten things you might not know about NABS.


  1. NABS stands for the National Advertising Benevolent Society.

  2. As the industry charity, we have been supporting people in advertising and media industry for over 100 years across the UK.

  3. We exist to help improve and champion the wellbeing of our industry; to help you, your colleagues and the industry succeed and thrive.

  4. Our confidential Advice Line handles over 3,500 calls a year, helping support and guide people through stress, anxiety, redundancy and a huge range of other issues.

  5. Right now, 37% of calls to the NABS Advice Line are for emotional support as people in our industry become increasingly aware of the importance of their wellbeing.

  6. We run Masterclasses on Building Resilience to Pressure, Confidence & Gravitas, supporting Working Parents, all of which are run by expert coaches and are free to attend.

  7. We offer free, confidential executive coaching to support you throughout your career journey.

  8. We bring the industry together for support, knowledge-sharing and fun, whether that’s at our evening Talks or our much-loved cycling event Ride Adland.

  9.  We advocate passionately for culture change in our industry, with a core belief that a more diverse and inclusive industry will help us all to thrive.

  10. We offer Upskilling Grants to help people retrain so that they can stay in the industry – even if they’ve taken a few years out.


My goal is to make sure that everybody in our industry knows these facts about NABS – and more! I’d love you to help me to spread the word. Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved: we have so many opportunities for you to help us drive the NABS mission forward.  Please email me at  and let’s chat.