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The Birmingham Publicity Association supports the media and creative industries in the region, while raising money for key charities that its members wish to support.

Giving more back to our members


The latest news, views and thoughts from The Birmingham Publicity Association.

Giving more back to our members

Helen Williams

For 89 years the BPA has existed to bring likeminded individuals working in the Midlands’ creative, media and advertising scene, together. Let’s be honest - more often than not, over a drink (or ten). 

Our industry lives by the motto ‘work hard, play hard’, and we love being able to give people the perfect opportunity to let their hair down - especially when it comes to our flagship Christmas lunch, which is often everyone’s first festive event of the year.

You may have spotted our new campaign - ‘More than Birmingham’s Party Animals’, created because over the last couple of years in particular, we as a Council have been striving to give more back to our members. ‘More’ that doesn’t involve boozing. 

The BPA’s membership fees are very low cost (in my totally biased opinion) at just £100 for corporate and £40 for individuals. That being said, when someone asks ‘What do I get for my membership?’ we still have to ensure we have a solid case to justify why any business, or individual, would spend the money in a world where ROI is top of everyone’s agenda. 

Yes, by being a member you get invited along to free networking events, and yes, you help us raise a considerable amount of money for charity each year, but is that really enough? With an ever growing list of brilliant networking events across the city and dozens of exceptional, deserving charities, we have to ensure our members feel the benefit of being a BPA member - either personally, or from a business perspective. 

Last March we hosted a Mindfulness Workshop and prior to that, speaker events with Marketing Birmingham’s Emma Gray in 2017, and The Chamber’s Paul Faulkner in 2016. Typically these sorts of events have appeared once in our annual calendar and have been really well received - the one piece of feedback we always get? More of the same! 

So I’m really proud to say that this year we’ve already organised a free LinkedIn training workshop, as well as free presentation training - and it’s ONLY May! We, as a Council, made the decision to take a small portion of the money we raise from events to foot the bill for training, and give back to our members. Attending just one of these free events makes the small membership fee immediately worth it, and answers the question ‘What do we get for our membership’. It also goes towards filling any training and skills gaps many companies don’t have the time or budget to organise.

Our events calendar now consists of long-standing traditions, in a nod to our 89 year history, as well as a number of new (some boozy, some not so boozy) events - including quizzes, training sessions, speaker events, a summer party, Christmas Lunch and Midlands Media Mingles.

Ensuring our members feel the value of their BPA membership will remain a priority for the rest of 2019 and long into the future, so keep your eyes peeled for more free events for members, and, if you have any requests, why not put them in to us at